The created action kit for companies will include a multi-sectorial and multi-dimensional approach, being adapted to different economic sectors and companies’ size (SME and big companies) and tackling violence in a comprehensive way, considering intersectional dimensions of GBV (social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds of the victims, but also physical and mental disabilities). New types of violence, such as GBV through digital tools will also be integrated.

Peer-Learning Webinars

Webinars will be organized to enable all the network’s member to exchange experiences and share best practices.

These exchanges will help solidify this European network of employers actively involved in supporting and guiding women victims of violence.

Training course

E-learning and physical training modules will be addressed to managers and HR staff. Training will be on how to listen, support and orientate victims of domestic violence.

Sensitization materials

The kit will include communication tools such as posters, flyers, a booklet about the victims’ rights and existing support services.