The created action kit for companies will include a multi-sectorial and multi-dimensional approach, being adapted to different economic sectors and companies’ size (SME and big companies) and tackling violence in a comprehensive way, considering intersectional dimensions of GBV (social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds of the victims, but also physical and mental disabilities). New types of violence, such as GBV through digital tools will also be integrated.

Peer-Learning Webinars

The training course planned in the CEASE project will include 5 thematic webinars organized in 2019 to increase the learners’ knowledge. Each webinar will be focused on a specific topic linked to the fight against domestic violence. One or more experts will be invited as speakers to discuss with the participants.


Webinar Calendar:

Monday, February 25th from 2-3.30 pm

European Network for Work with Perpetrators (WWP-EN)

Tuesday, April 16thfrom 9.30-11am

European Family Justice Center Alliance (EFJCA) 

Tuesday, June 18th from 9.30-11am

Comment accompagner les auteurs de violence ?

Praxis asbl

Tuesday, October 24th from 10.00-11am

How can diversity and inclusion support companies to CEASE gender-based violence?

Dr. Gillian Shapiro

Training course

The training course consists in 2 main curricula: CORE CURRICULUM and ORIENTATION CURRICULUM.


The CORE CURRICULUM will focus on how to recognize warning signs of intimate violence give practical advices on how to react to an employee or colleague confronted to domestic violence. Different path will be proposed to learners depending on their roles in the organizations:

–    Introduction module for every employee

–    In-depth modules for key professionals: human resources, managers, social services, unionists

The ORIENTATION CURRICULUM is based on national context, statistic, laws and support structures in order to keep the employees informed and aware in case of need.

Sensitization materials

The Sensitization kit addressed to the organizations includes:

  • flyers
  • booklet about the victims’ rights and existing support services at national level.
  • communication posters

Poster 1       EN FR GR IT                   Flyer in English

Poster 2       EN FR GR IT                   Flyer in French

Poster 3       EN FR GR IT                   Flyer in Greek

We also provide guidelines on how and where to display these tools inside the organizations’ premises.

Guidelines   EN FR GR