The European Corporate Network (ECN) is the first Network created to support victims of GBV, to transform companies in leaders on this subject and to encourage a behavioral change within the private sector.

The network has a tripartite governance structure involved at different levels. It is composed not only of companies but also specialized actors, representatives of different European countries, that will disseminate the project at the national level.

Why this network? What are the goals?

Civil society, public authorities and businesses seem to be mature today to address the issue of the impact of intimate violence in the professional sphere. It will aim to sensitize employers, create tools and publicly advocate the importance of the concrete commitment of employers on the topic of domestic violence.

Focusing on the impact of domestic violence in the professional sphere will also allow us to feed the reflection on the management of violence against women within the company (harassment and aggression in particular). Both topics will reinforce each other.

Charter of Engagement

A Charter of Engagement of employers committed to the fight violence against women, will be edited.

Each company wishing to join the network will have to sign this charter, to formalize its commitment. The signing of this document enjoins companies to engage in the network’s activities and to actively collaborate with other members.

Here you can find the Charter of Engagement.


Members from France

Members from Greece

Members from Belgium