DIESIS is one of the widest EU networks specialised in supporting social economy, social enterprise development and social innovation in Europe through the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consultancy and advisory services, technical assistance and research.

DIESIS operates as part of the social economy, associating general interest, economic performance and democratic governance. As a social economy enterprise our main purpose is to serve our members rather than maximise profits. One of our focus is “Equality and rights” which goal is to promote gender based equality and human rights.

Our projects are mostly transnational, addressing sustainable development goals and maximising social impact as much as possible. We cover more than 10 EU countries through major national federations and national support networks.


FACE is a Public Benefit Foundation founded in 1993 and an umbrella one since 2013. It was created by 13 companies willing to get involved in fighting all forms of exclusion. FACE is a social innovation movement engaged in preventing and struggling against all forms of exclusion, discrimination and poverty. In order to reduce inequalities, FACE works hand in hand with companies, to support more than 295 000 beneficiaries annually.

Foster social inclusion, facilitate access to rights, support people in getting back to work, prevent any kind of precarity, help companies in their CSR change management, train them to diversity and gender equality, sensitize their workers on various topics, etc. are many examples of FACE and its network’s fields of expertise that they apply with and within companies, on local territories.

Organized as a network, FACE gathers more than 5650 companies of all sizes and works in collaboration with all the stakeholders involved in its public utility mission: institutions, associations, researchers, experts, etc.


POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS was founded in 2002 by the Belgian economist Denis Stokkink. It is an independent European think & do tank committed to promoting solidarity and sustainability in Europe. PLS takes action to defend and strengthen the European Social Model, which consists of a subtle balance between economic development and social justice.

PLS has experience in research, consulting, coordination of European projects and event organization. It uses its expertise to support companies, public authorities and the civil society, guided by the motto: ‘Understand to Act’ and operates in five different fields : Social Affairs, Social Economy, Citizen Participation, Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity.

Convinced that diversity is a tool to guarantee equal treatment for the integration of all social categories into the labor market, PLS observes and disseminates the best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and diversity practices at European level.

These issues are also the subject of several publications (gender equality, the fight against violence, disability, LGBT +, skill-based sponsorship …) and a European Observatory of Diversity (http://diversite-europe.eu).


CSR HELLAS is a business-driven association in Greece promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility and the responsible entrepreneurship with more than 130 members from all economic sectors and sizes.

Its vision is the improvement of the long-term competitiveness of businesses and the whole Greek economy, through the integration of responsible entrepreneurship in the strategy and the basic rules of doing business.

Its aim is the highlighting of a new business model pursuing to combine the long term business sustainable profitability with ethical behaviour and the broader goals for sustainable development of communities in which businesses are operating.

Within its strategy is to create and maintain partnerships that strengthen collaboration all levels. It undertakes various initiatives and programs and organises contests and event concerning CSR and Sustainability.

CSR HELLAS is also national partner organization (NPO) of CSR Europe, the leading European business organization for CSR and the coordinating body of the UN Global Compact initiative in Greece (Global Compact Network Hellas).