Name of the organization

Association of Women’s Shelters – Frauenhauskoordinierung e.V.

Type of organization


Activities implemented to fight gender-based violence (in english)

Since 1997 the Association of Women’s Shelters has provided support to women’s shelters run by all kinds of organisations and institutions with respect to their common interest and daily business. It deals with legal and financial problems as well as those inherent to women’s shelters and provides their personnel with the necessary information and manuals required to counsel their residents and women in violent environments.

A further objective of the Association of Women’s Shelters is to pool the practical experience and expert knowledge of the personnel in women’s shelters and incorporate this into political and scholarly discussions, into the public and legislature. The Association of Women’s Shelters thus plays a major role at the interface between practice, politics/legislature and scholarly research.

Mode of intervention

  • Economical support for victims of violence
  • Accommodation
  • Data Production / Studies / Research
  • Advocacy

Area of action


Contact informations

Tucholskystr. 11
Berlin 10117
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