Name of the organization

CPE – Centrul Parteneriat Pentru Egalitate

Type of organization

Non profit organization

Activities implemented to fight gender-based violence (in english)

We recognize the inequalities that affect each woman’s life differently and complexly. Through what we do we help raise the level of education, integrate into the labor market and stimulate entrepreneurship, prevent and combat trafficking in women and violence against women, adopt and enforce fair legislation.

Since 2002, we have been promoting equal opportunities for women and men in Romania. We believe in the freedom of people to choose for themselves, beyond labels and prejudices. We join girls and women in building a society that respects their rights, provides them with development opportunities, recognizes their capacities and contributions, supports them in areas such as work, education, culture, health.

Mode of intervention

  • Trainings
  • Data Production / Studies / Research
  • Advocacy
  • Other

Area of action



Gender based violence, violence, women, men, advocacy, communication, information, help, assistance, ngo, association, Reception, Legal Advice, Legal Assistance, Psychological Counseling, Self-Help Groups, Trauma Processing Interventions

Contact informations

Strada Drumetului, nr. 2A, sector 3,
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