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Non profit organization

Activities implemented to fight gender-based violence (in english)

We deal primarily with issues of human rights of women and children, gender equality and equal opportunities for women and men.
Areas we pay attention to: gender sensitization, gender equality in education and education, feminist pedagogy, gender research and analysis, the rights of girls and women, gender equality in the labor market, active fatherhood, men’s studies and gender mainstreaming.

Mode of intervention

  • Trainings
  • Data Production / Studies / Research
  • Advocacy
  • Other

Area of action



Gender based violence, violence, women, men, advocacy, communication, information, help, assistance, ngo, association, Reception, Legal Advice, Legal Assistance, Psychological Counseling, Self-Help Groups, Trauma Processing Interventions

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Budovateľská 11
Prešov 080 01
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