Name of the organization

Tallin Crisis Center for Women

Type of organization

Non profit organization

Activities implemented to fight gender-based violence (in english)

The non-profit organisation Tallinn Crisis Centre for Women helps women who fall victims of domestic violence in their close relationships. Women can stay in our shelter both, with or without children.

We can offer:
– Shelter service
– Women support-groups
– Group-counselling for victims and their support network (relatives, friends)
– Help while communicating with various institutions (social workers, the police, prosecutors, etc.), if needed
– Legal advice

Mode of intervention

  • Psychological support for victims of violence
  • Economical support for victims of violence
  • Social support for victims of violence
  • Legal support for victims of violence
  • Accommodation

Area of action


Contact informations

Sakala 12-1
Tallin 10141
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