Name of the organization

Women Rights are Human Rights

Type of organization

Non profit organization

Activities implemented to fight gender-based violence (in english)

The main goal of our information and education activities is to bring the discussions of professional circles to the wider public and into everyday life, thereby co-creating a space for changing stereotypical ideas about the role of women and men in society.

To achieve this, we deliver lectures and workshops for schools and the public, thematic events (for example: happenings ), we have traveling photo-information exhibitions, we publish information materials . We encourage citizens and citizens to actively engage in political affairs, which we try to facilitate, for example: by open letter . We are also campaigning against sexism in the streets, where we organize the Sexistic Piglet competition . We are also campaigning on Women and the Environment in which we deal with active parenting.

Mode of intervention

  • Trainings
  • Data Production / Studies / Research
  • Advocacy
  • Other

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class Cpt. Jaroše 18
Brno 602 00
République tchèque
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